How Will Coaching Benefit Me?

My mission with Educators Evolved Coaching is to provide guidance, support, and a system of accountability for education professionals as they undertake the process of exploring a move to a different career, whether that means a new position still within the realm of education or a new path altogether. The decision to leave a job, no matter what it may be, should be taken very seriously. This is especially true when considering moving on from a professional career, such as teaching, which has required a significant financial investment to pay for advanced education and training.

Educators Evolved Coaching employs a process which is designed to find a better marriage between your personality, skills, and interests in order to identify career options that may lead to increased satisfaction.

Our Process

Evaluate Your Situation – What do you value about your current job and workplace environment? What will be different about your next job that will make it an even better fit?

Vary Your Viewpoint – There is a forest amid all those trees that make up your life. Can you see it? We will use personality assessments, interest surveys, and other means to help you see more clearly what you value in finding a career and what types of careers may be well suited to you.

Open Your Mind – The landscape of work in America is constantly shifting. There are careers on the rise now that nobody could have even foreseen five years ago, and still other careers that have been made obsolete. Your perfect job may not have even existed the last time you were on the market.

Lay the Groundwork –

Visualize Success –

Enter Your Next Chapter –

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